Iren Krum

Iren Krum

Painter | Bulgaria

The Artist

Iren Krum – Born in Sofia / Bulgaria in 1957, Iren Krum studied from 1975 – 1980 at the Sofia Art Academy. The artist lives and works today near Dusseldorf.

Iren Krum paints with a complicated technique developed by her. Oil painting on canvas with gold, silver and metal striking.

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The original themes of her work are fragrance and perfume, energy fields, charisma, emotions and passion. She calls her pictures the magic of the invisible world. Between reality and spirituality – between “normal and crazy” – between “material and immaterial”.

The fragrance of flowers and the garden, youth and maturity, the fragrance of love, success and beauty are titles and inspirations of her works. With expressive, cheerful colors and shapes she shows her unmistakable handwriting on small picture formats, which can be assembled into series as well as on pictures in large formats.

The artist can be seen in numerous national and international exhibitions.

Artworks by Iren Krum