Petra Rös-Nickel

Painter | Germany

Petra Rös Nickel

Born 1963 in Wathlingen near Celle, breaks completely new grounds with her abstract forms of painting and expression.

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On her oil paintings, playful, free form as well as compositional constructions develop into textures, referring to the popular European design of the fifties and sixties, especially the textile and surface designs of that time. Her work translates geometric and organic elements of an era which had hoisted the flags of modernity and which, due to a trend to return to a rather retro style, has become topical once
more, into her very own style. After a schooling in fashion design at the professional school for clothing in Bremen, 1980, Petra Rös-Nickel changed her field of study to architecture in Eckernförde, 1982. Preferring the creative aspects of the studies to the technical ones, the artist developed the basics of her painting, never denying the roots of applied design and soon ending in a refreshing, distinctive style. Since Petra Rös-Nickel shapes her painting into compositional subjects, her work can be put into different categories such as “patchwork”, “windows” and “oscillating lines”. As much as the groups may differ in their visual expression, as easy to recognise are the artist’s distinctive compositional characteristics and methods. Essential is the color space presented in multiple layers and offers the beholder accessto more profound colour planes, depending on the detail. These details or scratchings and rubbings lead to various elements of tension, such as “patchwork” or harmonious-contemplative forms “(windows”). Mostly established on largesized tables of colours and directed towards one colour world, the artist’s oil paintings develop an energetic impact on the space they’re displayed in, conveying her joy of life and selfconfidence. Petra Rös-Nickel lives and works within her family circle in Hamburg.

Artworks by Petra Rös-Nickel