Dagmar Ridky

Painter | Germany

Dagmar Ridky

1963 born in Germany, she studied from 2001 – 2003 at the Academy Faber Castell and then she begins her career as an artist. Ridky lives and works in Germany and Mallorca.

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Faces of this world. From 2006 – 2014 a series of more than 40 large-format portraits in a photo-realistic style is created. Ridky works in collagen technique, paints, sticks and creates works in the style of human surrealism. She portraits well-known personalities from the cultural memory and shows in their collages the life stories of the portrayed actors. By Alain Delon about Brigitte Bardot, Romy Schneider, etc. The “Bond girls”, the James Bond performer… Painted in acrylic on Belgian linen, provided with “prints” on transparent paper and dried tree barks. She also presents beautiful faces with intense eyes that she paints on cowhide. This creates extraordinary works, of which the viewer may not turn away. Since 2016 the artist has developed a series on the theme “Bond girls” of the last 50 years and also creates works in “Pop Art style”. Interesting formats and the presentation of popular characters from the Disney World invite to a cheerful viewing. She likes to use wood in extraordinary formats in these works and brings the works worked as collages under a layer of epoxy resin, which gives the unusual and very modern-looking objects a special brilliance.

Dagmar Ridky can be seen in national and international exhibitions.

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