Allegra Esclapon

Contemporary artist | Italy

Allegra Esclapon

Allegra Esclapon was born in Vienna in 1996, she grew up in Florence, Italy and moved to London from 2014 to 2018 for her studies in Costume Design for Theatre and Screen, at Wimbledon College of Art (UAL). After various experiences as a costume designer she moved to Barcelona and completed a Master degree in Art and Cultural Management.

Since a young age she always had the passion for painting, and trained in a small academy in Florence before her studies to learn techniques such as prints, sculpture and oil paint. Today she is based between Florence and the Island of Mallorca where she focuses on acrylic and oil as her main mediums.

Exaggeration, vibrant colours and beautiful imperfections have continued to inspire her, reflected within her currents paintings. Founded on a sensation of freedom, growth and liberation, her artwork strives to deliver these emotions to each of her viewers.

Artworks by Allegra Esclapon