20 years HMH Gallery & JODD von SCHAFFSTEIN!

We are proud to annonce 20 years of collaboration with international well- known German artist JODD von SCHAFFSTEIN.
His current work are rough imaginary worlds, often created from natural materials such as ash, stone dust, shellac, grate, charcoal or pigmant dust. Partly he uses rock dust, which he gained from grated limestone and sandstone, which he brings from his work stays in Mallorca, southern France and Italy or even processed directly into his art.

His work has been described as “ trans-formative painting.“

The Idea as Everything, of “Finding by Not- Searching“, has more and more left its mark in Jodd‘s artistic expression. He has reached his unmitigated artistic freedom through obeying, subordinating and allow Everything Happens As It Should.
He also working in Pop Art and collage style.

We will also prepare our showroom with his new exciting artwork. Come by and check it. This year he celebrated his 77 Birthday we congratulate and celebrate with him:)

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