Arno Bruse

Arno Bruse

Painter | Germany

The Artist

Arno Bruse – The paintings are usually created with acrylic paint on canvas or nettle fabrics. In some cases, the paint is applied to wood or similar ground. The colors consists of a mixture of pure acrylate with the finest artist pigments. Depending on the mixture this causes smooth, shiny or “dusty” color films.

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This technique is complemented by the use of pastels and oil pastels and if necessary also other materials. The rough, to palpate welcoming, z.T. almost relief-like surface structure of the images created by the colors themselves or is produced by backing with a specially prepared modeling paste. The tools that are used for the production of the paintings normally are spatulas of various kinds. They are supplemented by brush or sponge if needed. During the creation of an image, the colors used are again and again superimposed. The resulting layering of color planes gives the work its very special depth and transparency. The consistent use of this technique allows the artist Arpitam to combine the delicacy and sensitivity of a watercolor with the powerful strength and density of an oil painting. As a result the very own, unmistakable signature of the artist is created.

Artworks by Arno Bruse