Group Show 

Exhibition duration: January 27th, 2024 - February 27th, 2024

We are pleased to present you the group exhibition “BETWEEN | THE LINES" in the Galeria HMH in Port Andratx. This exhibition invites you to engage more intensively with the diverse art positions and to look between the lines.

"Between the lines" presents a fascinating selection of works by well-known and emerging artists who impress with their individual forms of expression and innovative approaches. The exhibition offers you the opportunity to explore the boundaries of art and discover new perspectives.

We encourage you to take your time and look closely at the artworks. Be inspired by the subtle nuances and hidden messages hidden between the lines. This exhibition encourages you to find your own interpretation and share your thoughts with other visitors.

Opening hours:

Tue - Sat: 9am - 6pm

Sunday closed

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