Dieter Schüno

Painter | Germany

The Artist

Dieter Schüno – The artist Schüno was born in Mainz/Germany and now lived on the island of Mallorca until his death in 2022. Schüno studied painting, graphics and interior design at the Art academy Mainz. At the beginning of the 2000s, the artist moved a part of his point of life to Mallorca, where he lived and worked since then, as well as in the vicinity of Mainz.

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The painting was and is anchored as an automatism in Schüno. In his paintings, the constantly striving for new Schüno follows the laws of the colours. His works are used on wood or canvas and in addition to acrylic paints also uses natural materials. This creates a fusion of form, structure and color. Although Schünos works are kept abstract, one has the impression of being able to grasp light and nature. In many layers, it carries color transparent and partially creates a bond with putty. With this technique he achieves relief-like surfaces. In the works of the artist, the interaction of light, sky and horizon is largely reflected.

The works of Dieter Schüno can be seen in numerous exhibitions in Germany and abroad.

Artworks by Dieter Schüno