Frauke Klatt

Painter | Germany

Frauke Klatt

What started in 1996 with the first exhibition “Photo and watercolor” has evolved as a springboard to an artistic development with its own unique style of painting. In my work I have treated the impressions of over 25 years of sailing and life on the Baltic Sea.

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Plastic technique with acrylic colors in large formats. Here can be expressed the whole dynamic of the sailing regatta, but also the leaden calm of the doldrums on a muggy summer day. Frauke Klatt remarks: “My sailboats are often without a hull; the wind and the waves which carry the boats are the most meaningful elements. The crew is not visible – at that point in time when we look at the picture, we have taken over the role of the crew. I do not strive for complete the details within the pictures, but rather search for new ways to express motion, élan and energy. The latest paintings seem to be more detailed, but they also are showing only a situation, the foam of speed covers the view to each detail.”

Artworks by Frauke Klatt