Gunda Jastorff

Painter | Germany

Gunda Jastorff

By experimenting with colors and shapes as well as different materials, representational
and abstract paintings and collages, grown out of intuition and mood, are mainly made of acrylic.
Other preferred materials include marble flour, tissue paper, wax and cloth, which give  the paintings a sculptural texture. Those are paintings that should please; a game with the contrasts of color and form.

The paintings by Gunda Jastorff present a position in art that reflects a picture of today's society, combining timelessness with timeliness.

The topics include impermanence and resolution and the reduction can be found in the images again. This does not happen spontaneously, but intuitively composed. The artist visited the academies of the University of Fine Arts in Goslar and seminars of the Art academy in Trier, Essen and Bad Reichenhall. She is partner and lecturer of Kunstraum17 in Hamburg.

The artworks show a position in the art that reflects a picture of today’s society, combining timeless with topicality.


1997 - 2008 Atelier für freie Malerei Hamburg
1999 - 2008 Sommer / Herbstakademien in Goslar für bildende Kunst
2004 Europäische Kunstakademie Trier bei Joe Milne
2005 Kunstakademie Essen bei Stephan Schneider
2008 Kunstakademie Bad Reichenhall bei Peter Tomschiczek
2013 Kunstakademie Bad Reichenhall bei Gerhard Almbauer

2006 - 2009 Gesellschafterin / Dozentin von Time4Art -
Atelier/ Galerie Hamburg

2009 Gesellschafterin / Dozentin von Kunstraum17 - Hamburg

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Artworks by Gunda Jastorff