Helmtrud Kraienhorst

Painter | Germany

The Artist

Helmtrud Kraienhorst – Since 1985, painting has been the heart of the artistic work of the painter living in Hamburg. Helmtrud Kraienhorst additionally works as lecturer for the fine arts and is a member of the artist guild Pinneberg since 2009.

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Helmtrud Kraienhorst has a penchant for experimenting with various techniques. She utilizes diverse graphic elements and materials in her works. She often uses acrylic paint on canvas – sometimes under wax. Abstract pictures – often female subjects – carry her unmistakable signature. She often uses the colours red and pink, which she expertly employs especially in her female motifs. She also abstracts cityscapes in her own personal style – especially her home city of Hamburg. Since 2009, pictures of the artist are regularly featured in various exhibitions, particularly in the North German area.

Artworks by Helmtrud Kraienhorst