Hubert Heinrich

Artist | Germany

The Artist

Hubert Heinrich – What is important is not Vita and the number of exhibitions or the number of prizes won, – no – important is the attitude of an artist to his work! This is a process over many years, which cannot be fixed at a short moment. So much changes in a life and every day changes can occur of which we still have no idea!

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1960 Born in Aachen, Germany

1977 Apprenticeship as carpenter, followed by studies at the technical
secondary school for design in Aachen

1994 Completed studies object design at the FH-Aachen

Main focus – painting and abstraction

since 1992 artistic engagement with constructive design

1999 Winner of the “Silverprize” of the “1st international carpet design

competition 99″, Kyoto (Japan), carpet designs

since 2001 freelance artist

The artist can be seen in numerous exhibitions.

Artworks by Hubert Heinrich