INFLUENCES - Pablo Picasso and his influences on subsequent generations of artists.

Gallery HMH presents the exhibition "Influences", which shows the influence of the legendary artist Pablo Picasso on subsequent generations of artists.
The exhibition includes works by Picasso himself, as well as Markus Tollmann, Leon Löwentraut, David Tollmann and even the youngest artist Maxima Maria Kinsky, who is just seven years old.
A highlight of the exhibition is undoubtedly the linocut by Pablo Picasso entitled "Woman at the Window". This work serves curator Judith Sturm as a starting point to explain to visitors the further development of Picasso's lines and the resulting variations in subsequent generations.
HMH Gallery is proud to present an impressive collection of works that reveal the creative process of artists over a period of more than 70 years. The works by Markus Tollmann, Leon Löwentraut and David Tollmann impressively illustrate how Picasso's lines and distinctive style opened up new avenues for them.
Particularly noteworthy, however, is the participation of the youngest artist, Maxima Maria Kinsky, who at the tender age of seven is already fascinated and inspired by Picasso. Directly inspired by the linocut "Woman at the Window", she has created her own interesting work that reflects the boldness and innocence of her young creativity. It is amazing to see how Picasso also reaches and influences the hearts and imaginations of the youngest generations.
HMH Gallery cordially invites art lovers, art students and curious visitors to explore this inspiring exhibition and experience the fascinating evolution of art over the decades. "Influences" is undoubtedly a celebration of creativity, heritage and the limitless possibilities that art offers.

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