Jaques Nel

Painter | Africa

Jaques Nel

Born in 1970 in Johannesburg, Africa, he was already interested in colours and shapes as a child and was active as an ‘air brusher’ from a young age. His family did not foster his talent; and so he completed an education as taxidermist. From this he learned to work with colours and shapes. In 2008, Nel decided to dedicate himself entirely to art, and lives since then in Johannesburg and Nelspruit, an artists city in South Africa.

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Nel creates expressionistic works, and works with oil and acrylic paints, which he arranges on canvas. He finds his inspiration in nature. His works display exciting structures, which mirror the artist’s emotions and bears his very distinctive signature. For example, the colours of lakes, sunrises or of an explosion are captured. His earlier activity as ‘brusher’ can still be recognised here and there, and shows itself in the powerful creativity of the artist. Nel’s works can be seen in various exhibitions in South Africa.

Artworks by Jaques Nel