Jonny Hurts

Ultra Contemporary artist | Norway

Jonny Hurts

Jonny Hurts is a Norwegian-Argentinian artist who has made a strong impression on the modern art scene in the past decade. His art is a reflection of the world we live in today and resonates with audiences of all ages. He constantly works to challenge norms and take art to the next level. Jonny's boundless creativity and work ethic make him a creative force that few can compare to.

His artworks include paintings, sculptures, installations, digital art, fashion, and more, which he has showcased in Norway and various other locations around the world.

Hurts has no formal art education; instead, he comes from a background as a professional snowboarder and his approach to art is inspired by that environment - unstructured, personal, and free.

In 2020, Hurts exhibited his own works for the first time in the exhibition "Happy Nuclear" at Broslos Studio in Fornebu, alongside works by Nix and Masarati. In the winter of 2022, he had his first solo exhibition titled "Once Upon a Time" at Galleri Fineart.

Playful, creative, and anything but boring - The colourful world of Jonny Hurts

Artworks by Jonny Hurts