Jürgen Haupt

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Jürgen Haupt

Jürgen Haupt was born 1948 in Berlin/Germany. He was accompanied by various professions in his life. He initially worked for a bank – later as an independent property developer in Luxembourg. Together with the architects, Haupt brought his creativity into the building designs and thus found access to art, which he had long been enthusiastic about.

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Haupt attended various art academies and received instruction in the techniques of modern painting from a number of lecturers, including Markus Lüpertz, Heinz Middendorf and Peter Cassagrande. Since 2006 Haupt has devoted himself exclusively to art. He lives and works in Mallorca, Luxembourg and Germany.

Painting is colour – the artist follows this motto. Large pictures in acrylic on canvas show his passion. Abstract forms – skilfully staged – let the viewer wander between form and colour. A certain style cannot be discerned – Haupt experiments and paints. Colourful, present pictures, which often have something summery about them and which are predominantly created in the light of the south.

The artist JAAH (Jürgen Alfred Adolf Haupt) can be seen constantly in changing exhibitions at home and abroad.

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Jürgen Haupt