Kristina Toussaint

Digital Artist | Germany

Artist Statement

I was born 1973 in Germany where I grew up with my parents and my younger sister in the countryside. Even as a child I was incredibly creative. I painted, wrote poems, tinkered and crocheted. Ultimately, however, it was the photography that inspired me immensely and became the biggest passion of my childhood. This passion has never left me. My father gave me my first analogue camera at the age of 8 and over the years I made hundreds of photos, which was a very expensive hobby back then. At the age of 30, I bought my first digital camera and started teaching myself how to use the camera and also how to retouch my photos in photoshop. I started making money with personal, expressive portraits, small reports and business portraits which was a lot of fun. One day during my vacation in Mallorca I met one of the most successful real estate developers on the island who offered to work together. It was always a dream of me to live on this magic island. So I bought the necessary photographic equipment and developed my own style in retouching real estate photos which brought me many new customers. Real estate photography is still a beautiful part of my life but my heart beats for nature and art. When I'm sitting at the computer and editing pictures I forget the world around me. And when I'm in nature I feel best connected to everything and to myself. I love being outside. Not necessarily when it is extremely cold and windy, but luckily this happens less frequently in Mallorca.

Artworks by Kristina Toussaint