Lilli Hill

Master of Arts | Switzerland

The Artist

Lilli Hill – knew early on that she had an extraordinary talent for seeing the world through different eyes. Born in Abaj, Kazakhstan, she was shaped in a creative atmosphere by her father, an ambitious amateur photographer and draftsman. Her training as a painter, which Lilli Hill began at the age of 13 in the studio of the local artist K. Ostapka in Abaj, gave her the tool to visualize her ideas. After moving to Germany, she studied graphics, art history, philosophy and painting (with Prof. Jürgen Störr) at the Bergische Universität Wuppertal and conducted intensive studies of the painting techniques of the old masters in museums. Exhibitions of her lusty baroque portraits of women in galleries and museums followed. Lilli Hill lives and works in Thalwil / Switzerland.

artist statement

Lilli Hill is a Kazakh born artist painter. In 1993 she moved to Germany around. Lilli Hill lives and works in Berlin and Thalwil. She is mostly for her painted nudes known. During the first few years of her work, L. Hill worked on different topics had, in the last 12 years she was mainly with her - often idiosyncratic - Known for nudes. These have remained the focus of her work to this day. The motifs of my pictures arise from individualism and life itself, from Life as a stage and role play for people. I love and live this theatricalization excessively in my works. She gives me the opportunity casual and pleasurable presentation. It gives me the freedom to be the director and at the same time leading actress of the theater of life in countless expressive variants be.

The master of elegant provocation

Artworks by Lilli Hill