Lisa Dehmel

Lisa Dehmel

Painter | Germany

The Artist

Lisa Dehmel – 1944 born in Görlitz
Studied psychology / psychoanalysis with Prof. Dr. Gerhard Vinnai
Studied fine arts with Prof. Raimund Gierke in Salzburg
Sculpture courses at Marianne Klein / Gerhard Marx Haus, Bremen
And group exhibitions at home and abroad 1989 – 2008

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The nature in the Allgäu witnessed with the given four seasons in childhood and adolescence – is my inspiration and elementary driving force for the artistic training and daily work. These formative impressions find their equivalent in the interior of the island of Mallorca, where I mainly live for 15 years and where I have my studio. Body landscapes and countryside bodies with their variety of colors, shapes and structures are the foundations of my paintings, objects and sculptures. It is the artistic design of our age. I am painting on canvases in mixed media techniques in small, medium and large formats.

Artworks by Lisa Dehmel