Margit Heiss

Margit Heiss

Painter | Germany

The Artist

Margit Heiss – was born in May 1957 and grew up in Munich. Inspired by many famous artists and world-famous galleries, museums and exhibitions in her hometown, she devoted her life to modern painting already at the early age of 13 years. Later she took art courses and began studying the expression techniques. Her extraordinary talent was soon discovered and acknowledged by her professors, who helped Margit develop her full potential and become an icon of the Munich art scene.

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Years later, the artist leaves Munich and goes with her family to Africa and Brazil, where she gained valuable experience for her work. She received art awards not only in Africa. Their work was also appreciated in Brazil, which are unique in their expression and are concerned with the presentation of African and tropical motifs. Elements of the traditional African style, she works as well in her works as it is for exotic animals. In Brazil, the artist can be inspired by the vibrant lifestyle and beauty of the tropical rainforests and nature. In vivid, bright colours she presents her motifs in an abstract way, using acrylic on canvas.

Her paintings have been exhibited on numerous occasions in private art exhibitions and public galleries, such as the famous art at Nymphenburg Palace and Academy Gallery.

Artworks by Margit Heiss