Nico Mastroprimiano

Applied art | Italy

Nico Mastroprimiano

The italian artist Nico Mastroprimiano is well known for his extraordinary art work. Using luxurious materials he is handcrafting stunning pieces of art unique and never seen before. Style and elegance have never been so important. Providing art of timeless beauty creating the spirit of "Generation Future". Allow yourself to be inspired.

More about the artist

Extraordinary designs, shiny metal alloys in most various textures, most different Swarovski crystal elements in combination with sparkling pigments are the specialty of the italian artist Nico Mastroprimiano and his artwork.

The shiny textures of real metal, each Swarovski crystal individually, artfully and manually attached to the art piece combined with the finest coating techniques. Art work generated by a calm hand in countless steps. Enormous depth created by perfectly applied high and / or low gloss finishes.

Each unique art piece provides extraordinary and stunning radiance adding a special atmosphere to every room scene. Each unique in it's timeless beauty.

Will the artists's creativity extend? Not only picturesque art adds beauty to your room. Looking for new respresentative, impressive and interesting subjects the young artist walked up to real skulls of water - and cape buffalo's. This luxurious combination of nature and art is the perfect choice.

However the artist is looking to extent his work even further. Cooperating with various partners in Holland and Germany he is making headway towards interior design. Creation of precious and luxurious finishes on table tops, lamps large and small wall panels will be the artists's new targets with exhibitions in Dubai and Moscow to follow. New fascinating art projects displaying the magic and mysterious combination of finest materials radiating in magnificent gloom and electric illuminations.

Enjoying a detailed education and training in applications of a large variety of paints and coatings the artist gained a deep insight into the world of coatings, their application technology on a multitude of substrates.

Spurred by relentless creativity the artist developed new technologies to incorporate classy materials like gold, Swarovski crystals and a large variation of colors into his incredible and modern art. The artist intents to create art that is new, unique and hits the spirit of “generation future”.