Nicolas Rousselet

Visual artist | USA

Nicolas Rousselet

The heightened expressions in NICO’s multi-media paintings reflect the artist’s fascination with the relationship between objects and the emotions they evoke.
Born in France to an automotive-engineer and a visual artist, and trained in Paris as an automotive designer in his own right, automobiles became NICO’s favorite painting subject. Ranging from the classics to modern day supercars, objects engineered for transportation and recreational purposes are transformed into impassioned beings in his paintings.

NICO uses the paint as an organic part of the image that often breaks away from the clean lines of the cars. This seems to give the images a painterly quality that separates them from the sharpness of a photographic likeness but at the same time makes them look like convincing representations of the painted subject. The impressionistic use of lines and colors give some very graphic images and transcribe the movement to get a moving fixed picture.

NICO’s work has been displayed in the Petersen Automotive Museum and is currently exhibited in numerous Art Galleries such as, Robert Kidd Gallery in Birmingham, Mouche Gallery in LA, Le Garage in Tokyo ,David Rosen Galleries in Miami or San Diego Automotive Museum.

Artworks by Nicolas Rousselet