Pablo Bujosa

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Pablo Bujosa

Pablo Bujosa –  is a genuine Mallorcan, born and raised on the island. His studio is his house, his garden. He paints wherever he likes. And he paints what he can think of. “I start with an idea and when the picture is finished it usually represents something completely different. If I am no longer satisfied during the painting process, I take a grinder and do it again."

"My work is primarily improvisation. "

PABLO BUJOSA is an artist who loves to be in the background. He shines less through exhibition activities or public relations - rather he convinces with his unmistakable style and excellent quality of the work.

PABLO BUJOSA has been represented by HMH Galerie since 2012 and is one of the best-selling artists at Galeria HMH. His choice of motifs is influenced by Mediterranean, subaquatic motifs - fish, shells, seabeds, etc. The portrayal of fish is aesthetically staged and often given humorous titles. The viewer sees a noble work, which often depicts a funny or ironic scene such as 4 friends (see picture on the right), Los Diablitos (The Little Devils), La Carrera (The Race) and much more.

It is these small details that make his paintings so extraordinary. Fish formed from toilet rolls, for example, or fruits formed from bits of charcoal from his oven. He works on a work of art for one and a half to two months. Usually parallel to several at the same time.

The canvases and wooden panels hang in his studio like ham legs lined up to dry. The contrast couldn't be greater between the walls on which the pictures are hung and the place of total solitude where they are created.

The Story

He sees himself as a craftsman. In fact, he was one. He denied the first half of his professional life with his construction business, building apartment complexes by the sea.
“25 people worked for me. During the great construction crisis, I went bankrupt and had to lay everyone off. "

You can tell that it must have been a difficult phase for him personally.
It was in the midst of the crisis when Bujosa visited a friend in Madrid, an astrologer by trade. Actually, Bujosa couldn't do anything with it. But since he still had some time left and was quite curious in this phase of disorientation, he asked his friend for advice.

He was convinced that Pablo Bujosa would become a painter. "My reaction was: You're crazy! I can't paint. Leave me alone with it.” Despite the harsh initial defensive reaction, the then 43-year-old couldn't let go of the words and stimulated a thought process in him.

Back in Mallorca, he took his eight-year-old son Marlon, brought him to his parents and told them that he was taking the child to them because he had to paint. Even at the age of 56, Bujosa's face looks mischievous when he laughs and talks about the extraordinary episode in his life.

In two hours Bujosa painted his first picture on a wooden panel. He brought his work with him to lunch. He had never painted before. "I'm a practitioner and just tried it out." The painting still hangs in his parents' apartment today.

From the beginning, the neo-painter found a gallery that exhibited his paintings. Today his works, all of which have the sea as their theme, sell for several thousand euros and hang in houses and villas, not only on Mallorca but also in England, Germany and Switzerland.


Artworks by Pablo Bujosa