Radio Sputnik visited the HR GIGER Exhibition

Thank you for your very nice visit in or Gallery in Port Andratx !


Visual artist | Switzerland

H.R. GIGER (1940-2014)

Hans Rudolf (Hansruedi) GIGER was a visual Artist, Painter, Sculptor, Designer, Architect
and Oscar winner.

He was born in Chur on February 5, 1940 lived in Zurich as a freelance artist from 1962.

He explored emotional frontiers - stories and incidents with erotic or macabre Content that forms the basis for his surrealistic dreamscapes.

As the creator of the film character "ALIEN" he received in 1980 an Oscar in the category "Best Achievement for visual effects".

For the film "Species" he created a train model and the female film character "Sil".

He created multiple award-winning album covers and in 1998 his first illustrated novel "The Mystery of San Gottardo" was published.

In the same year he opened his yet in Gruyères present museum.

The GIGER MUSEUM in Gruyères / Switzerland is the main representation and art management of H.R.GIGER.

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