Contemporary artist | France


Sely is a self-taught French artist.
She grew-up surrounded by art and created her first work at 14.
Her colorful style is influenced by Pop-Art.

She lived in the light of the Indian Ocean for most of her adult life.

After going to Shenzhen, China on invitation from Jardin Orange, she now exports her Art to Hong-Kong and China.

Her work can also be seen at the famous Boreal festival in the Canary islands.

In Reunion Island, she received a «Coup de Coeur» award during a performance.

Sely uses acrylic paint and the flat technique.

Thus, she transports the spectator’s soul into her universe.

Her use of colour appeals to our emotions and our imagination.

Her character, whom she named Monaïs Back, is her icon.
She is often accompanied by animals moving about through celestial layers.

Through her work, Sely wishes to convey the deep feelings that animates her : Love, Peace and Freedom.

Artworks by Sely