Sinasi Bozatli

Contemporary artist | Türkiye

Sinasi Bozatli

  • 1962 Ankara, Turkey
  • austro-turkish artist
  • education: Gazi University Ankara / University of Applied Arts Vienna
  • Homepage of the artist: www.bozatli.net

Sinasi Bozatli was born in 1962 in Ankara. In 1986 he decided to move to Vienna and graduated in Painting and Graphics at the University of Applied Arts Vienna with Professor Oswald Oberhuber. Classical painting still influenced him considerably and he dedicated himself to the four thousand year old culture of the Indo-European people of Hittites. In his paintings, he uses the effect of a dry background and enhances them with strong colour accents. Motifs of “catenations” become “connections”, and from this subsequently evolves the cycle of “movements”. His airy structures appear in an untouched freshness and clarity due to the large-format canvas. The circle’s shape, which is considered as Bozatli’s distinguishing characteristic, remains furthermore. In the artist’s provisionally last series, the so called “(E)motions” pictures, he tends to connect the elements with each other. From a former cosmic expansion results a compression, an impact like the breathing of the cosmic space. Chains and rings are partially straightened and expounded as a type of weave. Bozatli’s works are kept in private collections and foundations all around the world as well as in the Museum of Modern Art in Ankara, the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Culture, the Austrian National Library, the Regional Museum of Burgenland, the Regional Museum of Lower Austria, the Chancellery building in Vienna and in the museums of the City of Vienna.

Artworks by Sinasi Bozatli