Solo Exhibition Norbert Fux


In 1975 Jürgen Norbert Fux was born into the world in Anif near Salzburg, Austria, which he would later enrich with many intuitive creations. Today they are exhibited in galleries around the globe and each of his cycles has achieved cult status. Yet his approach is not a conventional one: portrait photographs are broken up and the raw material beneath them is shown. The true self, the deepest inside of the human being is brought to the surface, which then, in a complex process, become prints of very special value.

" My works live. For only from life itself, art can arise. "

Fux is a man of many sides. He knows how to inspire, with his esprit, his verve, his agility and eloquence while keeping his feet firmly on the ground. His view of the world is never sublime or even aloof. Rather, he knows how to use techniques and colors to draw the viewer into a world that quickly creates an addiction and is demanding more. His works are always exciting and depict sides of life that nobody or only a few dare to enter.

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