Tim Davies

Pop artist | England

Tim Davies

The pop artist from England, earned his bachelor's degree in graphic arts and a master's degree in fine art prints from Camberwell School of Art. Tim Davies then studied art printing at Central St. Martin's School of Art in London. After graduating, Tim Davies worked for the renowned designer Storm Thorgerson and his work was used on record covers for Pink Floyd and Robert Plant. To this day, Tim Davies' art can still be admired on records and CD covers.

Tim Davies is a Welsh artist known for his multidisciplinary artistic practice. He was born in Wales and works both in the United Kingdom and internationally.

Tim Davies' work encompasses various media such as sculpture, installation, video, photography, and drawing. He often engages with social, political, and ecological themes, exploring the relationships between people and places.

His works have been showcased in numerous exhibitions and institutional contexts, including galleries, museums, and art festivals. Davies has also participated in residency programs and has been awarded various prizes and scholarships.

Artworks by Tim Davies