Hans Christian Ribbe

Contemporary Artist | Germany

Hans Christian Ribbe

For more than 35 years, the artist and designer Hans Christian Ribbe, who grew up in Berlin, has been working in various fields of creative expression. After completing his studies in Visual Communication, he initially worked as a freelance Art Director and Designer.

Ribbe has gained an international reputation, especially in the genres of maritime and portrait painting. His works can be found in the private collections of European royal families such as the House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, Hardenberg, as well as prominent families like Porsche, Fielmann, Sachs, and many others.

Since his first solo exhibition in Berlin in 1993, Ribbe has exhibited internationally. His first exhibition in the United States was held in New York in 2008. He gained further attention through commissions from leading personalities in the United Arab Emirates, such as Rashid Al-Habtoor.

Characteristic of Ribbe's realistic painting style is a loose brushstroke, sophisticated color and light contrasts, and a partial attention to detail that gives his predominantly large-scale paintings depth and vitality. His nuanced use of colors and tones, the loose brushwork with an open quality, create an emotional lightness. While the depiction of physical appearance is traditional in one sense, it has a timeless effect. Ribbe's vision of style and expression is innovative yet also pays homage to the great painters of the past.

In contrast to portraiture, Ribbe is interested in depicting the sea, devoid of all traces of human civilization, emphasizing the positive aspects of freedom and connection to nature, which directly impacts the viewer's consciousness.

After many years in Berlin and Hamburg, Ribbe currently lives in the countryside near Paderborn with his wife and two daughters.

Artworks by Hans Christian Ribbe