Our Russian artist Icon Zar came to our gallery on March 1st, 2022 and asked us for support. "One of my best friends is sitting without food and basic needs in a basement building in Kharkiv in the Ukraine with 13 children, among other things, waiting for the attack."

We immediately sent 200€ via Ria so that food can be bought immediately and to see if the money arrives. After everything worked and we got the message money arrived - thank you for the first aid, we decided to start an action immediately. Our Polish artist Igor Morski was also present that day and was immediately ready to donate an artwork. I picked up my phone and called my friends. Helmut Meier from Austria and Fabian Waldschock (Nail Gallery Mallorca) were immediately willing to buy a Morski "Golden Frame" and a small-format Icon Zar "From Russia with Love" as a special edition for a voluntary donation. We were able to send another 1000€ to the needy group in the Ukraine on the same day. The money was immediately used to buy food and fuel, which allowed our friend Ludmilla with 15 children and 45 adults to flee out from the city. The city was destroyed completely the next day. Our Ukrainian friends are on the run and another 1000 € are on their way…….

In the meantime, we have now set up the Project HELP UKRAINE EMERGENCY EDITION on our website, what you can find down below. The HMH GALLERY finances the production of the artworks, the artists give their creativity for free and 100% of the proceeds are sent directly to our friends in the Ukraine.

We ask for your support and quick action. THANKS

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