Inma Pascual

Painter | Spain

Inma Pascual

Born in 1973 in Manacor / Mallorca / Spain, she learned the painting by the famous Mallorcan artist Mateu Palmer and won the youth art competition of Casal Balguer in Mallorca. Further skills and knowledge in painting were conveyed to her by the artist Alexander Amaral, who taught her the use of acrylic paints. Later collaborations with decorators and stage designers gave her further skills and knowledge for her artistic work. Furthermore, she completed courses in graphic design and digital retouching and uses this knowledge in her work.

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Inma Pascual creates works in acrylic on canvas. Noteworthy are her colorful flower pictures, in which the motifs such as dots or stars on the canvas. Cheerful colors dominate and give the work a very own, positive expression. Some of these images are also made with ink on paper. Their landscape images pick up the moods of the island of Mallorca and reflect the viewer’s gaze on the coastal region and the sea.

The artist can be seen again and again in various exhibitions on the island of Mallorca.

Artworks by Inma Pascual