Los rostros del tiempo

Personale 19.08.2023 - 03.09.2023


Los rostros del tiempo

The HMH gallery in Port Andratx is showing new works by the French painter Nicolas Maray entitled "Les Rostros del Tiempo"

For Nicolas Maray, time becomes a living and visible resonance of our own lives. It shows itself in traces of transience. It scratches our lives, digs into our bodies, erodes us and our environment. Time is omnipresent, revealing its shadow, its profile, its many faces and thus most of ourselves.

His large format canvases transform the vivid colors into shapes that evoke memories in us. Of cracked layers of paint or eroded steel - then again of a deep-sea landscape or the dense crown of leaves on a tree. There is a rhythm in the structure of these works, they are created by adding layers, tearing, picking up again, searching, letting things be done, mastering chance and superimposing until his "Faces of Time" is completed.

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