Martin Sonnleitner

Pop Art | Austria

Martin Sonnleitner

Pop art artist Martin Georg Sonnleitner was born in  Austria in 1965, today lives in St. Pölten and is a member of the New York artists' association “Soho Community of Fine Artists”. His cross-generational passion: iconic music and film greats, which he heard with a lot of personal and expressive joy of color, an unmistakable and concise Pop Art face.

The inspiring permanent works are in Vienna, Zurich, Düsseldorf, Munich, Brussels and Malmö - for many years solidifying the state art scene. In 2004, Sonnleitner had an international breakthrough with a vernissage in New York, and his CD cover "Chance to dance", designed for the Austrian singer Falco, was developed and went around the world a thousand times.

Elvis Presley, James Dean, Marylin Monroe, Bob Dylan, ACDC, the Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson, Tina Turner - Martin Georg Sonnleitner's expressive portraits show the impression not only in the same sense. They are of the opinion that the view from all media hype - a look into the soul of the concentrated, educated characters. And anyway how with glamorous coolness and how much recognition value! One reason for his motive, which the relationship artist in all his works with uncompromising contact sequences.
Martin Georg Sonnleitner's artistic work can also be found in the Lower Austrian State Museum and enriches diverse private collections.