Monika Vos

Painter | Germany

Monika Vos

„a painter who paints the writing“. This is how Prof. Qi Yang interprets the mysterious declarations in Monika Vos’ paintings.

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At the beginning of her painting, there is neither a motive nor a visual content in her conception. She consciously starts at the nothingness. She doesn’t expect anything, but she abandons herself to the process of painting and takes heart from the alternation of emotion and rationality, which reflects on the “recent new”. „Myths“ is the name of her painting works and installations, which emerge by themselves from the act of creation. They narrate from that what never did exist and always exists – the narratives by the people, about where love, sorrow, fear, hope, life and death come from. Before the act of painting, she diffuses intentionally the chaos on the canvas, in order to neutralise any unconscious or conscious vision of a figure. She works alternately rationally and emotionally, she composes entities, she makes collages, she abolishes and annihilates: she creates. Traces get safe guarded, nothing gets lost on the way from the chaos – the delight of fantasy – to the order – the pleasure of rationality. Parallel to the related myths which focus consciously on specific directions, by the use of words which purpose something and seduce, she uses well directed the picture language in the form of masked symbols and her material language. She permits the unconscious, she plays with the coincidences, and she allows forms, lines and traces to exist on the screen, until the picture has reached its autonomy.

Artworks by Monika Vos