Norbert Jäger

Stone sculptor | Germany

Norbert Jäger

Norbert Jäger was born in Aschaffenburg in 1965, grew up in Babenhausen and has been living in Hamburg since 2003. From 1982 – 1985 he trained as a stone sculptor in Frankfurt a. M. and received afterwards several awards as well as the federal price for sculptors. After a scholarship from the Carl Duisburg Society / Cologne followed by a studio stay in Carrara and a study trip and work stays in Kennesaw and Atlanta / USA.

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In the modern age of virtual artificiality, of the Internet, of genetic engineering, Norbert Jäger’s often utilized material is stone, preferably marble. Stone, for him, is the archetype of the uniform gray mass of dead matter. The stone preserves the whole grammar of creation, the genesis of life. Stones are neither eternal nor unchanging. They are completely process-like like everything else, like plants, animals and like us, only finer and much slower. In his artistic exploration of the stone, he is concerned with aesthetics, but not to embody the beautiful, but because the aesthetics hide in the stone itself. Hunter’s own chosen stones have their own inner life, their own character, their own structures and colors, veins and streaks. He forms the stone, he does not destroy. Despite contradictions and contrasts, the artist’s sculptures retain the original shape of the stone – gradually the character of the stone crystallizes out. The recognition and understanding, the handling of the still unrecognized is important to him. Not only his work material, the stone and its handling with it, represents a counterbalance to the current zeitgeist, but also its contents, its artistic thinking as well as its attitude towards life.

Numerous works are in private collections – among others Elton John, in public spaces (Hamburg, city Babenhausen, city Hanau, Bad Camberg, Rakovnik (CR), San Sebastian (I)), in other institutions (Telekom / FH Dieburg, Lufthansa, Condor, Sparkassen Informatik Systeme Cologne, Süwag Frankfurt, Sculpture Trail Kassel, Sculpture Park Tenerife and in the Museum Ribnitz-Damgarten).

Artworks by Norbert Jäger