Solo Exhibition Firouz FarmanFarmaian ” BURN THE SAGE TO TYCHE “


Solo exhibition by Firouz Farman Farmaian @ HMH Gallery

To follow up on my two year journey within the vortex of Central Asian nomadic psyché, I have transported my explorations across cosmogonies and spiritual realms into the mythical golden aura of ancient Greece through a deployment of large and smaller abstract panels - here hung as offerings to the Athenian Goddess of fortune, Tyché Agathe. Produced in my new Athenian workshop perched on the Southern flank of Arditto hill - in the shadows of the iconic Kallimarmaro Pentelic Olympic stadium and the sacred vestiges of the Temple of Tyché - the series searches to vibrate with ethereal qualities : layering line, light and texture through the use of specific materials such as Pentelic and Dionysian Marble dust used in its time to build the temple of temples, the Parthenon - here integrated into the paint and onto canvas. Sourcing material within quarries that have delivered marble to Athenian temples such as the glorious Parthenon through millennia, I actively seek to activate a dialogue between past and future - the material and the immaterial - here creating a sacred space to favor a reconnection to the idea of Beauty through the transformative power of contemporary practice.

 - Firouz FarmanFarmaian -


Burn the Sage

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