Ulrike von Schrader

Painter | Germany

Ulrike von Schrader

Born in 1968, lives and works in Berlin. She studied at the Academy of Fine Arts at the Alte Spinnerei Kolbermoor and was a pupil of Felix Eckhardt, Doris Hintze-Röhrig, Anna von Bassen, Barbara Jedermann and Christopher Balzer.

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The art school is located in the renovated former administration and workshop building on the grounds of the old cotton mill Kolbermoor. With intense color and aesthetic appeal Ulrike von Schrader brings us directly into the world of the interplay of nature, light and space. In and with these very own contemplative-looking color spaces, it nevertheless promotes and preserves the creatively realistic element from the very beginning. Her painting understands her as a process. She often works in parallel on several screens in order to create or emphasize different color climates, light values ​​and details. It uses the technique of “dripping” to rain paint over the image surfaces. Keeps the acrylic paint mostly liquid, works in thin layers, sometimes translucent, sometimes opaque, wet in wet as well as on dried paint. This is a unique, painterly and sculptural technique of constructed and dissolved image foregrounds and backgrounds, in which substantial color space, color permeation and color exposure, deep spaces and multi-interpretable image planes create “free space” and visually experience interior worlds. “Leave. Leave open. Connecting and closing. Discover and Erahnen “could be Ulrike von Schrader’s artistic guiding principle.

The artist can be seen in national and international solo and group exhibitions.

Artworks by Ulrike von Schrader