Brigitta Nottebohm

Painter | Austria

Brigitta Nottebohm

Born in Salzburg / Austria in 1946, she spent her childhood and youth there. From 1966 she studied at the Art Academy in Vienna and undertook numerous study trips through Italy, France and Spain. In 1971 she returned to Salzburg and Munich. In the 1980s, she left Europe for several years, traveling through the USA, living and working in San Francisco, California. Today the artist lives and works on Mallorca and in Munich.

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After photorealistic beginnings in her painting, the artist conquers new spaces. The result is images titled RAUM LICHT LANDSCHAFT. In another picture cycle PANTA RHEI, the artist deals with the subject of constant change. Relief structures and color pigments are applied on large-surface image carriers made of wood or canvas. This creates non-representational images that create depth and dynamism through the structure’s task and convey memories of moods of nature. Lately, Brigitta Nottebohm has been painting large abstract paintings. Red and gold – sometimes accentuated with other colors – are artistically applied in infinitely many nuances in overlapping color layers. The underlying color layers, the viewer can now only guess. By using pure pigments, the artist creates remarkably high-energy paintings.

Artworks by Brigitta Nottebohm