The Endless Summer

Group Exhibition 07.09.2023 - 23.09.2023

The Endless Summer

An ode to the lightness of summer

The Galeria HMH in Port d’ Andratx, Mallorca, cordially invites you to the group exhibition The Endless Summer. Immerse yourself in a world full of bright fruity sorbet colors and be enchanted by refreshing bathing scenes in the sea or feel the heat of midsummer. This exhibition is a tribute to the carefree atmosphere of summer.
Using a variety of media and techniques, the artists present a wide range of interpretations. From picturesque landscapes to abstract depictions of the sea. In addition to the large-format art by the gallery’s emerging artists, works by Andy Warhol, Markus Tollman, Willi Siber, Max Neumann and RÖMER+RÖMER are also on display.
Exhibition duration: September 7th to September 23rd 2023
Opening hours: Tue-Sat from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
On Sunday, September 23rd  2023 - For the Nit del Art Palma we are open from 8 p.m. to midnight.

Exhibited artists

Yuko (Uruguay)
Andy Warhol (USA)
Pablo Bujosa (Spain)
Thorsten Frank (Germany)
Lilli Hill (Germany)
Nicolas Maray (France)
Igor Morski (Poland)
Icon Zar (Russia)
Nico Mastroprimiano (Italy)
Andreas Streicher (Austria)
Ed Heck (USA)
Pascal Kiefer (Germany)

Markus Tollmann (Germany)
Rolf Ohst (Germany)
Römer + Römer (Germany, Russia)
Willi Siber (Germany)
Judith Sturm (Germany)
David Tollmann (Germany)
Tim Davies (United Kingdom)
Michael Weigel (Germany)
Carsten Westphal (Germany)
Gerd Kanz (Germany)
Yaniv Edery (Monaco)
Helle Jetzig (Germany)

Exhibited Artworks

Andy Warhol


Gerd Kanz

Igor Morski

Römer & Römer

Thorsten Frank

Carsten Westphal

Judith Sturm

Icon Zar

Markus Tollmann

Pablo Bujosa

Lilli Hill

Ed Heck

Nicolas Maray

Michael Weigel

David Tollmann

Tim Davies

Willi Siber

Pascal Kiefer

Andreas Streicher