Katja Nordmeyer

Painter | Germany

Katja Nordmeyer

Katja Nordmeyer – Born 1967 in Hamburg, Germany Katja Nordmeyer still lives and works in her hometown.
She was taken as an apprentice of nationally well-known and recognized artist Lothar Schulz-Goldap, himself a student of Prof. Fritz Mackensen, who co-founded the Worpsweder Artist Society in Bremen.

Her works are characterized by emotionality and originality, her style and technique are organic and natural. She preferably paints on a perforated aluminium plate using a filler that fractures over time, creating rather spatial and lively looking compositions.
She concerns a lot about the transitory things in life - materialism in general, but more importantly the immaterial like moments, emotions and feelings.

Respect, equality, multiculturalism and togetherness, fuelled by creativity and passion - these are the values she and her art stand for.

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Katja Nordmeyer knows no boundaries in her artistic work and cannot be forced into the framework of a style, yet her style is unmistakable. In her abstract paintings, the artist deals with nature, the cornerstone of life, unfortunately threatened by pollution.

In her new series “Vanitas” the artist breaks new ground. It works with a special filler which cracks generated on aluminum perforated plate or canvas. As a result, the transience in the motifs develops for the viewer. The resulting images have a relief-like character.

Their clients include companies and private individuals.

The artist can be seen in numerous exhibitions – mainly in Northern Germany.

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