Suminagashi artist | Uruguay

The Artist

YUKO was born in 1968 in Montevideo, Uruguay.

Yuko unfolds the expressions of her soul with the soothing, pure and natural flow of water.

Her technique is Suminagashi, an ancient Japanese art of painting on water, which she acquired, perfected and developed beyond the known, through trial and error.

This creates extraordinary works in large format, which is completely atypical and rare to this unique art form.

Her works are created on water with mixed materials and imprinted on sateen and silk.

Her life was enriched by her curiosity through many cultures in various countries. She was always accompanied by art through dance, music and photography.

In a journey to Auroville, India, undergoing a personal transformation, she immersed herself in the Temple of her Being, where the inspiration and creativity alighted, allowing the expressions of her visions to shine into art forms.

Yuko draws her art from the depths of her being and creates her very own special style bringing delicate paintings and works of art to life.

Yuko lives and works in Mallorca since 2008.

" I am water - I live, love and flow "

" My work is whimsical sensitive and delicate "

" My art flows from the depths of my own element: water ... pure bliss ”

Artworks by Yuko

Virtual exhibition YUKO@HMH