Isolde Folger

Applied art | Germany

Isolde Folger

Born in 1961 in Lindach, Germany, the artist has devoted herself to free painting since 1984 and was taught by Heinz Altschäffel, Robert Höfling and Franz Kochseder. Isolde Folger lives and works in Lindach to this day and has been working as a freelance artist since 1999.

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Folger creates fascinating artworks and uses in her images, which she frequently creates as watercolours on paper, various materials such as gold leaf and silver. Her images often look like items of jewellery and enchant the observer with their diversity. The artist also enjoys working with intense colours and uses acrylic on canvas to express a fresco-like temperament, panache and power. Folger also designs exceptional jewellery and silk. She is the designer of a special Collector’s Edition from the company Roeckl.

The artist can be seen in national and international exhibitions.

Works by Isolde Folger are to be found in the German Bundestag in Berlin.