James Chiew

Visual Artist | Singapore

James Chiew

The many dimensions of James Chiew.
According to artist James Chiew nothing occurs by chance. All his creative expressions come from his enormous urge to experiment and innovate. The Singapore autodidact always pushes the boundaries in his versatile mixed media productions. You will see this in his ideas and use of materials. In a quirky and original way James combines (photographic) pictures and objects with di erent materials like wood, metal, acrylics, epoxy and everything that is imaginable.

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Herewith he mixes contemporary, graphic techniques with classic methods and analogue materials. James: “This digital era o ers unprecedented capabilities. I experiment as much as possible because I’m always trying to nd new perspec- tives. My challenge is to realize the impossible. His works of art always have much depth: literally and guratively you will discover several layers in his works. His most recognized artwork as yet: Beatrix 3-D. Even an innovator like James is inspired by various artists, among them Andy Warhol, Erwin Olaf and Mark Lagrange. However, James is not a trend follower; he prefers to be a trendsetter. His muse and partner MyLe can serve as inspiration.

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Artworks by JAMES CHIEW